We are making surfaces safe

Our antimicrobial anti-viral coating Eliminates hazardous pathogens
and Reduces chances of infection


Surfaces are a major source of contamination. As the new normal sets in, how can they be made continuously safe?

Viruses and other hazardous Pathogens such as Listeria, Salmonella and Campylobacter thrive and cling stubbornly in our environment, surviving  strict sanitation processes and threatening contamination.

Most sensitive of all are hospitals and food manufacturing plant which have direct effect on the population’s health, but the corona virus pandemic has demonstrated that other environments are important as well

The global antimicrobial market in 2020 is $4.0 Billion and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.2% over the next five years.

North America holds a share of 44.7%, and is the fastest growing region followed by APAC (30%) and Europe (21.1%)

$ 0 B
Antimicrobial coating market
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Forecasted CAGR (before pandemic)
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In North America

the solution

Coat (Once) A patented chlorine-binding polymer, serving as a novel ingredient in a new type of coating

Activate Washing with a Chlorine solution, activates the surface

Relax! Activated surfaces kill pathogens for days and weeks, providing active defense

Repeat Once chlorine is depleted – simply wash again by Chlorine to reactivate

ANTi-Microbial Field Trial

In a series of field trials run in 2019 at food plants in Israel in the USA, Bio-Fence coating was applied to surfaces in a food production plant. Tested bacteria included E. coli, S. aureos, Salmonella, Listeria, yeasts and molds and comparison was made to  commercially available anti-microbial additives. Data was collected after a full day of manufacturing, and resulted in a 6-7 log reduction on Bio-Fence treated surfaces, compared to 1-1.5 on control surfaces.

ANTi-VIRAL lab Test

An Anti-viral trial was performed in April 2020 by Prof. Mahmoud Huleihel, Deputy Dean of Research at Faculty of Health Sciences, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. The study used the HSV1 (Herpes) Virus which is considered more durable than Coronavirus. Metal surfaces were coated and loaded 4 weeks in advance, and then challenged by 10M viruses per sqcm2. One hour later testing confirmed: 100% of virions were killed on the treated surfaces

Current market solutions

The current anti-microbial coating solutions are mainly based on silver ions technology – a toxic, ineffective and expensive technology

our Advantages

Our technology is:

Based on a known antimicrobial anti-viral agent
Long-lasting Effective for weeks and months at a time

Low Cost
Due to the recharging ability which is simple to apply repeatedly

No Release of chlorine to the environment

Using a Simple solution, supplied by Bio-Fence

The Team

Ofer Shoham


Food and agriculture engineer. 35 years experience in food hygiene including Diversey, Sealedair

Dr. Maria Hitrik


Ph.D. in Applied Chemistry, led R&D teams in companies developing coating solutions

Dr. Sanaa Shenawi

Formulation director

Post-doc in Chemistry, expert in formulation. Top tier pharma and Academic experience

Dr. Pinchas Zer-Aviv

Synthesis Director

Ph.D. In synthetic chemistry, teaching and hospital lab experience

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SO9001-2015 standard association stamp

ANTIMICROBIAL ANTI-VIRAL SURFACE COATING Linkedin-in ISO9001-2015 standard association stamp We are pleased to announce that Bio-Fence has successfully passed the test for ISO9001-2015  standard association

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